Monday, August 30, 2010

Pioneers for a New Frontier

Cartography is an art of the old ages that we can revive
Into a new paradigm of pornography that Eros would have created...
A spread across pages exposing secrets of the spirit when two are aligned.
Let me unfold you--the infinite you--so we can get a better view with a third eye.
I want to read your body clearly to hear the story of your heart,
and take our time with the art of charting the roads we find--
Trapped inside these skin-graphed cages intimately confined
Our bodies will never be enough; have them all mapped and defined.
So, we stay waiting to be opened up from the inside, but beyond the sensation of touch,
Making our sexuality something divine.
We could not be more sincere!
From here, transposing won't take much if you are open to disclosing the potential for existential totality with the experience of such, dear.
Mapping out a path from the terrestrial to the celestial,
As pioneers exploring the new frontier.