Monday, August 9, 2010

Thoughts on the Nature of God

I can't shake the feeling that on planet Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy...are just an afterthought in the creative Greater Mind of God. I'm sure we are not forgotten, for we have omniscience to thank for that. There is no such thing as time (OUR sense of time) in the Greater Mind. Consciousness cannot be fully aware of itself with stepping outside itself and see its reflection. That is why the fully enlightened being sees himself in all of creation. God needs our full participation in order to be fully aware of itself. That is the purpose of its creation. We are here to complete the circle of perception and consciousness.

But with all of the things God is constantly creating, is a possible that it was not fully aware when creating us? Like a drawing that you "doodle" or a song that you are "jamming" on...being in the moment of inspiration, submersed in creativity....there is only so much we are aware of. Is this not possible for our idea of God? In his infinite might and infinite creative power, has created us and continues to create, as the flow of his thoughts is never-ceasing, leaving us in the back of his mind. Like a memory that is ever present in your head, you don't forget about it just because you are not presently aware of it. But what if that memory (which is us, in the Greater Mind) could live? It's a deeper layer of reality in that sense, but it makes equally as much sense to me.

It's our job to be aware of the presence of divinity in life! The best job in the world to have. God needs us, as we need him. We need to awaken the light within us so that we shine bright in the mind of God. Bring ourselves into his conscious awareness! We have fallen behind in these times. But God does not forget. His stream of thought is constantly flowing (as the nature of ours reflects that), so we must as a whole species and race of people awaken ourselves! Let our stream of thought be in tune...completely aligned with the Great Stream. Only then will we receive the hope for a better tomorrow, beyond what this world has shown us.

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